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What is the Cardano Wallet?


This information was taken directly from Please see their website ( for more information.

What is

'A Cardano light wallet for the Cardano community, similar to AdaLite or Yoroi'. This wallet is really impressive because it can be used for multi-delegation, giving the owner of the wallet the ability to delegate their ADA to multiple stake pools at the same time if they choose to.

In addition, this wallet is compatible with all other Cardano wallets, allowing the user to restore their Yoroi/Daedalus/Nami wallets onto ccvault - since Nami wallet uses a single address, you can enable 'Single Address Mode' to load the Nami wallet.

If you would like more information or a guide as to how to use this wallet, see a very informational video posted by Psychedelic Pool (Ticker - PSYA), which covers setting up the wallet, staking, and how to do multi-delegation:


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