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COC Coin, a Cardano Positivity Token. Confidence, Optimism, and Courage ($COC)

"Dogs Bark, Caravan Moves On." ~ Charles Hoskinson

What is $COC?

$COC is a Cardano positivity token that exists to fight FUD and promote Confidence, Optimism and Courage throughout the Cardano & wider crypto community. Cardano has its haters and they're the first to criticize when something doesn't go to plan. From ghostchain hate to concurrency and congestion issues, the FUD is real. With one of the strongest communities in the space, the Cardano ecosystem is thriving with innovative projects and passionate people. No matter how great the FUD, Cardano's fundamentals will always stay the same and the community is only getting stronger. Our aim is to distribute as much $COC as possible to help foster growth & positivity in the Cardano ecosystem.

How many $COC tokens do I get for delegating to ENVY?

100,000,000 $COC is available per epoch if you're delegated to ENVY, one of the selected $COC Distribution SPOs. These tokens can be redeemed at the Vending Machine platform (

$COC Tokenomics

How else can I get COC?

1) $COC will is also available via their faucet! See their website for more details ( In order to use the faucet, simply send 2 $ADA to their wallet address or adahandle to receive a random amount of $COC:

Pull Rates

1% chance you get between 1B and 1.2B

5% chance you get between 300M and 400M

10% chance you get between 150M and 160M

30% chance you get between 50M and 60M

54% chance you get between 10M and 20M

2) 5,000,000 $COC per epoch is currently available to any wallet delegated to a single pool part of the Seal VM Project -

Where can I read more about COC?

Please visit their website for more details on $COC tokenomics and roadmap!


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