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Why Delegate to ENVY?

Updated: 10/5/22

There are a lot of reasons for a potential delegator to consider when deciding to stake with a stake pool, and there are many wonderful stake pools to choose from in the Cardano community. If you have been looking for a stake pool to delegate to and were interested in learning more about ENVY, below is a list of a few reasons to consider before deciding whether to delegate to ENVY stake pool!

1) We are mission driven! We donate 30% of our operator rewards to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA) and Save The Children (STC). Having grown up in a loving home and supported emotionally and financially, we want to try to support children that were not as fortunate be safe and find a place to call home with some of our operator rewards. We will likely increase the percentage of our operator reward donations once the stake pool grows and mints blocks more regularly as well. To learn more about these amazing charities and why we decided to go with them, you can read more about DTFA and STC on our blog! Consider delegating with us to support these causes.

2) We are a Core Contributor of FreeLoaderz, a coalition of Cardano Stake Pools offering their relay nodes to the every day user to help improve transaction speed by opening up ports to user wallets. Feel free to connect your wallet to the FreeLoaderz load balancers to help speed up transactions, especially during times of congestion.

This coalition has evolved into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which is motivated to improve decentralization across all aspects of the user experience for transaction submission, in order to protect the security of the blockchain and improve user experience. We are also developing a reward distribution system to allow delegators to FreeLoaderz stake pools to be able to receive rewards for delegating. Learn more about FreeLoaderz here if you are interested! You can also join our discord to learn more and participate.

Check out FreeLoaderz social media links for more information:


3) Delegate to ENVY as part of the FreeLoaderz PSPO - Earn $FLZ, Hosky, Copper Seed Safe, and soon more! Delegate to ENVY as one of the participating FreeLoaderz stake pools (minimum 150 ADA), wait 2 epochs, then head to and claim $FLZ, Hosky and CSST!

The PSPO will run from September 1st through December or until all of the allocated 7.5 million $FLZ have been claimed! The SmartClaimz platform, developed by FreeLoaderz and Drasil, will be used for initial deployment of the FLZ tokens. Rewards will accumulate so delegators can claim tokens whenever they desire! Read more here:

Check out FreeLoaderz social media links for more information:


4) Receive ENVY tokens! Each epoch (every 5 days), delegators to ENVY will be eligible to receive 1 ENVY token through the Vending Machine platform ( These tokens are redeemable for ADA or for additional operator rewards to be donated to charity. Here is the link to learn more!

5) Receive $COC tokens too! $COC exists to fight FUD and promote Confidence, Optimism and Courage throughout the Cardano & wider crypto community. Originally created by two brothers to oppose the unproductive overuse of the term FUD, it's now become a beacon of positivity and one we wanted to share with the entire community. ENVY is a Distribution SPO for this token, so delegators can earn 100,000,000 COC each epoch by delegating to ENVY! You can read more about $COC here.

More rewards are in the works and coming soon!!!


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