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What is Nami Wallet and How to Delegate to a Stake Pool


We're all probably used to hearing about Daedalus and Yoroi wallets for holding and delegating our ADA, but many people may not be aware that in this burgeoning era of decentralized apps (dApps), CNFTs, and more there are some interesting new wallets coming out as well.

One of these is the Nami wallet. Nami is completely free and open-source. It can be used to store multiple assets, delegation, mint tokens, and even multi-sig (transactions involving multiple parties). At face value, it is quite similar to Yoroi wallet, actually, however with a few interesting differences:

1) Nami integrates into the browser and can be connected to any website in order to interact with dApps. So if you want to connect to a DEX and swap tokens or buy NFTs, this wallet integrates seamlessly. It can also be used to delegate to your ADA to a stake pool using (see bottom of article for a nice guide made by @_mermada of TAILS stake pool).

2) Nami uses a single address. Daedalus and Yoroi use the concept of multiple addresses per wallet, where you can generate a new address each time you want to transfer ADA to your wallet. Nami only uses one address.

3) Nami allows you to create multiple subaccounts within the main account you first set up, if you want to multiple wallets for different purposes. However, you can only use one seed phrase for the first account you set up, so make sure to store it safely!

Below is a graphic kindly provided by @_mermada of TAILS stake pool which walks you through how to delegate using


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