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List of the Top 50(ish) Dapps on Cardano

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

(adapted from post kindly given by @cardano_whale on twitter)


The last ~year was the year of staking + decentralization, multi asset + native assets, and smart contracts for Cardano The first dapps are here and soon the FLOODGATES will open. Here’s an overview of just some (!) of the top 50ish Cardano dapps (in no particular order):

@ArdanaProject - Stablecoin ecosystem allowing you to produce and borrow dUSD, will have its own DEX.

@liqwidfinance - Algorithmic + non-custodial interest rate protocol. Like Compound.

@minswap - Decentralized exchange. Stable and multi-asset pools, and concentrated liquidity.

@CardanoMaladex - Research driven DEX based on the concept of programmable swaps, playing to Cardano’s eUTXO strengths. Indexes, synthetics, derivatives. Could only work on Cardano.

@ADAFinance - Dual-chain DeFi ecosystem for AVAX and ADA. Staking, farming, DAO, lending.

@RayNetwork - DeFi ecosystem with its own wallet, AMM DEX, fundraising, NFT minting solutions.

@MELD_labs - MELD is the first DeFi, non-custodial, banking protocol. You can securely lend & borrow both crypto and fiat currencies.

@ErgoDex - Decentralised exchange that allows a quick, effortless and secure transfer of liquidity between the Ergo and Cardano networks. Live for Ergo.

@Mirqurio - AMM DEX with range pools, portfolio pools, impermanent loss insurance. “Anarchic intent”, love to see it.

@SundaeSwap - Front-runner in Cardano DEX race. Native, scalable decentralized exchange and automated liquidity provision protocol.

@DeFIRE_Fi - Decentralised smart order routing engine, optimising trade execution across DEXes.

@Oraclecharli3 - Decentralised oracle native to Cardano.

@VyFiOfficial - DeFi ecosystem for yield farming, liquidity provision, and auto-harvesting in a hedge fund. NFT staking is live.

@Milkomeda_com - Not technically a dapp but a side chain allowing EVM compatability.

@adahandle - Custom wallet addresses for the Cardano blockchain.

@paribus_io - Cross-chain borrowing/lending protocol for NFTs, liquidity and synthetics.

@GeniusyieldO - Automated Yield optimizer, concentrated liquidity DEX with an AI-powered liquidity mgmt protocol.

@AadaFinance - Decentralized money mkt protocol for lending/borrowing crypto.

@Indigo_protocol - Algorithmic synthetics protocol for on-chain price exposure to real-world assets.

@SpinadaCash - Decentralised protocol for private transactions on Cardano.

@OptimFi - Yield aggregator, suite of products designed to optimise yield generation in the ecosystem.

@WorldMobileTeam - You can’t bank the unbanked without internet. WM is a mobile network deploying in Africa, for the people by the people and built on Cardano.

@empowa_io - RealFi property platform. Support real on-the-ground financed housing projects and earn a return.

@jpgstoreNFT - Slick-looking NFT market place with selective set of quality projects.

@Tokhun_io - Cardano NFT and native asset minting platform to mint, sell and trade NFTs

@CNFT_IO - The largest Cardano NFT market place.

@GenesisHouseIO - Cardano NFT marketplace that backs creators, like a digital art/auction house.

@AdapixNFT - Fully decentralized NFT marketplace working with verified, select collections.

@HashGuardians - GameFi. 2D gaming metaverse with passive income & play-to-earn features.

@nftmakerio - Create, manage and sell Cardano NFTs.

@CoinlinkFinance - Multichain yield farming platform that connects to Ethereum, Cardano, Polygon and BSC.

@get_revuto - Subscription management dap: save money by taking control over what, when, how to pay for subscriptions.

@adax_pro - Automated liquidity protocol with a slick layout and some cool features like social sentiment that could set it apart.

@kicklaunchpad - Cardano native launchpad.

@seabugnft - Plutus Application Backend powered Cardano NFT marketplace.

@occamDEX - Cardano native AMM-based DEX powered by a novel “slot-based execution core”. Hmm.

@CornucopiasGame - Play-to-earn blockchain based game based in the metaverse.

@liqwidx - Interest-free borrowing protocol and stablecoin.

@adaswapapp and @adanftapp - Another AMM DEX and accompanying NFT dapp, looking to build out a DeFi ecosystem.

@Kubecoin_ - Digital currency that aims to revolutionize the leisure and travel industries.

@Ensuroproject - Aims to be the first decentralised, fully licensed insurer.

@artano__io - NFT platform built for artists and collectors on Cardano.

@CardaxDEX - DEX, powered by the EAMM protocol, providing liquidity to Cardano native tokens.

@ridotto_io - cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol. Focused on transparency, anonymity, security, and fairness.

@FlicktoMedia - Community Media Launchpad aiming to engage the community to sponsor and fund new media projects.

@blockademia_aci - “proof-of-truth” document verification. Publishers issue docs (diplomas/certificates etc), and end users check authenticity in app.

@FananceClub - Sport enthusiast’s DEX trading platform. Invest in athletes and earn return based on their performance.

@LedgityPlatform - Digital solution that facilitates and secures the financial advisory profession. Comprehensive responsible savings and investment tool.

@onchain_labs - NFT marketplace.

@anetaBTC - wrapped BTC.

So much for “no one’s building on Cardano”, huh? No my friend, you’re in an echo chamber. This volcano is about to erupt. Dozens of dapps + the most active and passionate community make $ADA the best investment today among all L1s bar none (Did I miss any dapps? Let me know!)


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