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About Us



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Founder & Pool Operator

Sean received his PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering in 2019. He is active in multiple community projects throughout the Cardano community, including Mehen and the xSPO alliance.

ENVY Stake Pool was founded in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic as a means of supporting the Cardano ecosystem, creating a source of passive income, and dive deeper into Cardano. However, once the stake pool was set up, Sean realized he needed to find ways to attract delegators. This led us to discovering Twitter/X and the vibrant Cardano Community there, and the fun and excitement of keeping up with the Cardano ecosystem, meeting like-minded people, and there was no going back!

Due to the high cost of running cloud based infrastructure, Sean developed software to run ENVY stake pool as a baremetal stake pool, meaning that the hardware running the pool is a decentralized and redundant system of servers running around the United States.

ENVY Stake Pool was previously awarded with 1 million ADA delegation for one year from Input Output Global, the company developing the Cardano blockchain for "developing projects such as a reward distribution platform and load balancers".

Our Current Projects

Building Blocks

Mehen Finance (Team Member) - We are also part of Mehen Finance, a fiat-backed stablecoin coming to Cardano, and are helping with some of the backend development and Systems Requirements documentation for that platform. It’s a great team with many qualified individuals from FreeLoaderz and Drasil who helped build SmartClaimz so we’re excited to see where that project will go!

xSPO Alliance (Administrator) - We are involved actively in the Extra Small Stake Pool Alliance (xSPO). We love xSPO because it gives us a great community of other stake pool operators to support each other through marketing, technical aspects of running and maintaining a stake pool, and to enjoy talking too as we all experience this fun and crazy ride in the crypto space! We were promoted to become an administrator of that alliance and are honored to be able to help play a role in supporting the small stake pools as they begin their journey to grow their pools.

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ENVY Stake Pool 


Contact Us

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2024 ENVY Stake Pool, ENVY Blockchain Services LLC.

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